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All of us here at Cal Valley believe in looking out for our customers... like friends, like family.

In simple terms, all of us here at Cal Valley believe in looking out for our customers… like friends, like family. Our know-how, dedication and our strong network of carriers enables us to deliver superior insurance services that make sense for each customer’s or client’s needs. In good times or bad, you can depend on our team of insurance experts to always be there for you and those that depend on you.

Founded by principle owner Tom Powell, Cal-Valley found early success serving the trucking and transportation community. Now with offices in Fresno, San Jose and Bakersfield, Cal-Valley provides innovative, high-quality coverage for businesses, families and individuals all across the Central Valley, Northern California and the Bay Area.

The Good Fight…
In many ways we are more than an insurance agency… we are staunch advocates for better, smarter ways to stay healthy, safe and secure. Businesses, families and individuals depend on us. We take that responsibility seriously. So much so that we formed the PacWest Alliance (a network of independent agencies across California). Together with our friends in the PacWest network, we’re working to create progressively better insurance laws that benefit businesses as well as individuals – from the State Capitol to city halls up and down the valley.

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