Employee Benefits

Keep your talent pool healthy and secure.

If you own a business, you invest a lot of time and training in your employees. As they say, “good help is hard to find.” But providing your “good help” with the best benefits doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Protect your valued staff with affordable health plans and benefit packages – and protect your company from costly turnovers and poaching.

At Cal Valley we’ve got the experience to create quality plans for less than you might imagine.

• Disability/Salary Continuation Plans
• Whole life, Universal Life, Term Life and Variable Life
• Individual and Group Medical Plans
• Vision Plans
• Retirement Plans (ie. Defined Benefit, 401(K), 403(B)/TSA’s, IRA’s)
• Dental Plans
• 125 Cafeteria Plans

Cal-Valley also accesses a number of group major medical health insurance programs.

• Blue Cross
• Blue Shield
• Kaiser
• Health Net
• Partial Self Funded Plans
• Aetna

Click here for a copy of our Group Insurance Solutions Flyer.