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Auto Liability

The Risk
One of the greatest exposures Motor Carriers have for financial loss is with the daily operation of your trucks. The many risks that face you are numerous and protecting your company and personal assets are a priority. A couple of the most common risks are distracted driving such as texting, talking on the phone, eating, stereo systems and navigation systems.

The Solution
As a trucker for hire, you are legally required to carry Auto Liability Insurance by State and Federal regulations. Auto Liability Insurance provides you coverage and defense for an accident or incident where your vehicle causes Property Damage and/or Bodily Injury. Armed with your filings and Auto Liability insurance you are able to begin operations.

Physical Damage & Trailer Interchange

The Risk
As a trucking company you have a large investment in the equipment that runs your business. Whether it’s your fault or not, maintaining the proper physical damage is crucial to protecting your investments and revenue stream. Another key component that is often overlooked is covering non-owned trailers.

The Solution
Physical Damage coverage is designed to pay for losses of material damage that happen to owned equipment such as accident, theft, fire or other incidents. Non-Owned Physical damage provides coverage to trailers that are under contract that are owned by others. Trailer Interchange provides physical damage coverage even when the non-owned trailer isn’t hooked to an owned truck-tractor.


The Risk
As a transportation specialist you’re expected to transport goods and cargo to a specified location on time and undamaged. Cargo losses are going to happen as a result of an accident, overturn, theft and more. Understanding your cargo policy will protect your shippers along with your own business from an unexpected loss.

The Solution
Cargo Insurance provides coverage against loss resulting from damage to goods you transport. Cargo policies can be very different so it’s extremely important you review your policy forms for limitations and exclusions. (ie, Terminal coverage, radius, theft and commodity limitations, debris removal, reefer breakdown, pollutant cleanup and many more). Understanding your policy is essential to protecting the profitability of your business.

Workers Compensation

The Risk
As an owner, the law states that you provide Workers Compensation Insurance for all employees. Whether they are the receptionist, dispatcher, mechanic, driver or any other role they are the key to your success. From a slip and fall, to a major accident, injuries and illness will occur, and Workers Compensation coverage will be there in a time of need.

The Solution
Workers Compensation Insurance provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill during the course of or due to employment. Employees can receive benefits such as medical care, first aid treatment, temporary disability, permanent disability, death benefits and more. It’s the law!

Transportation Advisor

The Risk
In the transportation industry there are several factors that can prevent you from providing the level of services that is expected of you. Stopped at a scale or pulled over by CHP to find out your filings are suspended? Had a claims issue without correct endorsements? Need a certificate on the weekend?

The Solution
Partner with one of Cal-Valley’s transportation advisors to create a service plan that works for your business. Let us help review your insurance contract requirements, provide safety analysis tools, review policies for coverage enhancements and deductible options, and get access to our 24/7 client portal where you can issue your own certificates as needed.

General Liability

The Risk
As a trucking company, you have exposure to main unknown risks. Understanding the importance of having General Liability coverage for your operations is critical. Protect your company from claims due to bodily injury from slip and falls on your premise, property damage while operating a forklift to unload, issues with hiring subhaulers, satisfying shipper requirements and more.

The Solution
General Liability for trucking operations provides liability protection for bodily injury or property damage to others sustained in the course of business while on premises, using products or services of the motor carrier. Also provides coverage for personal and advertising injury, products completed operations and more. Protect your company assets with General Liability coverage along with fulfilling the insurance requirements for many of your clients.

Excess & Defense Limits

The Risk
Protecting your company and personal assets may seem like a challenge at times. Within the trucking industry, large losses often occur that result in significant injuries. Whether at fault or not, these losses have the potential to require loss payments that exceed your traditional standard limits.

The Solution
An Umbrella or Excess policy provides additional limits above your primary Auto Liability, General Liability and more based on the increased limits you select. Depending on the size of your business standard Umbrella or Excess limits range between $1,000,000 to $20,000,000. These policies help protect the value of your company and help insure your business operations will continue even in the unfortunate event of a large claim.

Hired Auto Liability (Subhaulers)

The Risk
In California, hiring subhaulers plays a significant role in the transportation of goods and services. Whether you hire subhaulers regularly or from time to time, don’t just rely on them having their own insurance. If a loss or lawsuit occurs there is a good possibility you will be brought into the claim.

The Solution
Hired Auto Liability provides excess liability coverage for a non-owned vehicle that you have leased, hired, rented or borrowed. Hired Auto Liability, can help protect you in the event the loss exceeds your subhaulers policy or they have insufficient coverage. Having a quality subhaul agreement in place is a key to protecting your business.

Towing Rental Reimbursement & Downtime

The Risk
Being in the transportation industry, accidents and incidents are going to happen occasionally. Maintaining the proper coverage is essential to protecting your revenue stream. The loss of a truck that isn’t able to operate and paying for unexpected bills can affect your bottom line.

The Solution
Insurance coverages can vary from one company to another. Rental reimbursement with downtime coverage provides reimbursement for a specified amount of days for rental costs incurred to temporarily replace your vehicle and assist in covering bills due to a covered loss. Protect your revenue stream and find out what limits are available to you.


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