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Cal-Valley Connection – Q3 2018

By September 25, 2018January 23rd, 2019Cal-Valley News

Check out this quarter’s Cal-Valley Connection newsletter where we share a couple of informative articles along with what we’ve been up to in the community lately. One thing that may be overlooked a lot by people is their security in their smart TVs. Read the article in our newsletter to learn how to protect your smart TV from hackers and what you should do in the case that a hacker gains access to your smart TV. Another article we’ve provided in the newsletter lists different ways to make your place a healthy home. We spend a big part of lives in our homes, but how much time do we spend focusing on making sure it’s a healthy place to live? Find out about some healthy lifestyle tips and much more.

Check out these articles and see what else we’ve been up to by clicking the link below and viewing our newsletter.

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